We offer you to design your personalized Signet ring.

To create your signet ring simply select:

1 – your favorite finish (925 raw silver, oxidized/ aged 925 silver, 24 carat gold plated spheres or 24 carat gold plated ring

2 – with or without engraving

3 – your stones

You can contact us by the “Live chat” or by email at “” for the slightest question, we will answer you as soon as possible.

The photos presented are examples of creations already made from which you can possibly be inspired to design your own!

(A few days after your order, we will send you an email with a photo of your ring, to be sure that your choice of stones satisfies you. If you have any doubt about the assembly of colors we can review them together).

If you don’t know your finger size, you can choose “Receive a ring to measure my size – Free” from the size choice.

A ring sizer will be sent to you free of charge within 24 hours, so you will be contacted to ask for your size directly.

If you already wear a ring sizer on your finger on which you want to wear the signet, in the HELP section of the site you can access our virtual ring to print.

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Characteristics :

  • Pendant in 925 silver, also called massive silver.
  • The gold plated finish is 24 carat, 3 micron gold plating.
  • The stones come from a small local Italian store. The designer also uses ethical and sourced stones whenever she can (when it comes to ethical stones, the designer provides a certificate of authenticity).If necessary, you can contact us or send an email to when ordering, to specify that you only want ethical stones.


To know :

  • The designer work between France and Italy, the creation / production of the jewelry is franco-italian
  • Difference between gold plating and fine gold gilding: gold gilding end consists to deposit 1 layer of gold 24 carats on any type of metal (often brass) ; a gold plating 3 microns means that 3 layers of gold were deposited on the base metal (here silver). Gold plating is therefore more resistant over time, and above all do not cause no allergies, both gold and silver being hypoallergenic metals.
  • To know your finger size, you can refer to the size conversion table at the bottom of the website, in the Help section.
  • Manufacturing time: 7 working days. following your order, you will be contacted very quickly and know the exact date of dispatch. If your purchase is an urgent gift (48 to 72 hours), you can directly contact; this could potentiallygenerate an additional 5 € to 10 €.


Care instruction :

  • We advise you to clean the jewel regularly with a fine bristle brush. (toothbrush type), a little hot water and soap. It is also possible to use specific products for cleaning silver and gold. To maintain the color of the gold, even if the gold plating is resistant, we do not recommend long contact with water (swimming in sea…).
Additional information

925 silver ring / gold plated, 925 silver sterling, Goldplatted, Oxidized / aged silver

Gravure Linéaire

With engraving, Without engraving

Choix pierre 1

Tsavorite, Turquoise, White aquamarine, Blue Aquamarine, Blue Aquamarine, Amethyst, Black Garnet, Red Garnet, Orange sapphire, Orange sapphire, Blue sapphire

Choix pierre 2

Amethyst, orange Quartz, Tsavorite, Turquoise, white Aquamarine, Blue Aquamarine, Blue Aquamarine, Black Garnet, Red garnet, orange Quartz, Blue Sapphire

Choix pierre 3

Orange Quartz, Tsavorite, Turquoise, White Aquamarine, Blue Aquamarine, Blue Aquamarine, Amethyst, Black Garnet, Red garnet, Orange Quartz, Blue Sapphire

Taille bague

50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, Receive a ring to measure my size – Free

gravure personnalisée

With personalised engraving, Without personalized engraving


Vous n’êtes pas sûre de votre taille ? 


Bague / Chevalière :

Mesurer la taille de votre doigt à la maison en utilisant notre tableau de conversion ci-dessous. 

Pour obtenir avec plus de précision votre taille de doigt, nous offrons la possibilité de choisir l’option “Recevoir un Baguier pour mesurer ma taille – Gratuit” dans le choix des tailles. Ainsi un baguier vous sera envoyé sous 24h après votre commande. 



HYQS Taille Bague


Bracelet : 

(Small) Taille pour femmes : 15 à 18 cm

(Medium) Taille pour hommes : 18 à 21 cm


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